Thanksgiving Will Never Be the Same


Kaleb William - born January 21, 2011 at 28 weeks

Finding it difficult to put into words what this Thanksgiving means to our family. It was exactly one year ago that we found ourselves in a doctor’s office where we were told that I was having a miscarriage and would lose our precious baby boy. What a year it’s been — 8 weeks of bedrest, 74 days in the NICU, and 7 wonderful months at home learning to be parents to the sweetest boy in the world. We are unbelievably grateful to God for holding our hand through some of the most difficult days of our lives and blessing us with the most amazing gift any two people could’ve ever received.

Kaleb 10 months old - happy, healthy and SO loved

This Thanksgiving, we are reminded where we were just a short year ago, and just how far we have come. Tomorrow we will get to enjoy turkey as a family of 3. There really are no words that will suffice in expressing our gratitude to God for allowing us to celebrate the holidays with Kaleb. Thanksgiving will never be the same — we will always remember how God spared us from great tragedy on this day in 2010, and will ever praise him for the great joy he has brought to our lives. Thank you Lord for your many mercies and for blessing us so richly this year.

We wish all of you a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving. We thank you all for your overwhelming support and love to our family throughout the past year.

All our love,

The Spilmans

Keith, Megan and Kaleb


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  1. Well…I’m snot snobbing… Shocking, I know. You are so blessed. I love you guys.


    “Auntie Erin”

    Yes…I just designated myself that title 😉

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