Lets pick up where we left off… shall we?


It’s no secret I’m a terrible blogger. This family blog is not the first I’ve started. After the 2008 election there was a political blog which lasted all of 1 month. During my “Twilight” phase, a friend of mine and I started a blog about our obsession.. I’d like to pretend that never happened. But this blog is different. This is our story. This is Kaleb’s story. I owe it to him to write what we experienced and how our little family came to be. So, let’s pick up where we left off, shall we?

We had made it to Christmas Eve! Viability! It was the most amazing gift. We breathed a HUGE sigh of relief and were actually not at all upset about spending our holidays in the hospital. My family was kind enough to come to the hospital on Christmas Eve with dinner, presents and a ton of holiday cheer and laughter. It was such an awesome day. I am so beyond grateful for our Maryland family, without whom we wouldn’t have made it through our ordeal.

After the holidays had come and gone, bedrest was once again super boring and uneventful — I was just doing it in the hospital instead of at home. The periodic doctor came to check on me. I usually saw a nurse twice a day, but other than that it was me, myself and I… oh and a small baby kicking me from time to time! Throughout my hospital bedrest, Keith came to visit me and brought me dinner. EVERY night I was there, my sweet husband would drive over 45 mins one way, to make sure he saw me and Kaleb. Since I was alone the majority of the day, Keith coming to see me was all I looked forward to every day.

Most evenings in the hospital were filled with homemade dinners (Keith brought me food!), sitcoms, and Keith helping me in and out of the shower. One night, when I was 26 and a few days pregnant, on what seemed like a routine evening in the hospital, Keith came for a visit, we ate dinner, he helped me with the shower, and then we snuggled in to watch one of our favorite shows. All of a sudden I felt a gush of fluid. My heart dropped. Is this it? Am I going into labor? I quickly shuffled out of bed and went into the bathroom to check to see what was going on. I was bleeding. Blood had become very worrisome in this pregnancy. Every time I bled it meant my body was failing me. This time I wasn’t just bleeding either, I was BLEEDING — I passed a plum sized clot and was truly terrified. After running into the bathroom and proceeding to freak out, I called Keith in and made him call the nurses. The nurses came running in and made me lay down while they assessed the situation. I had been on bedrest  in the post partum wing of the hospital, and the nurses weren’t used to dealing with any kind of “trauma” on their shifts. They quickly advised that I move over to Labor and Delivery. The Labor and Delivery nurses came into my room and moved me over to fully assess me and make sure that labor wasn’t imminent. I remember calling my mom and telling her “I don’t want to have Kaleb at 26 weeks… I want him to cook longer!” When we moved over to labor and delivery, they assured me that I bled and passed a clot, but I wasn’t in labor and things were holding. I was so relieved. The nurses were right that evening too, I was holding steady and Kaleb would have a few more weeks to “cook.” When a doctor came to see me the next morning, he advised that I adhere to 100% bedrest — no  more trips to the bathroom, no more showers, no more touching my feet to the floor until Kaleb was born. UGH. Bedrest was already tough enough, but now I was literally stuck there for the duration. Lord, give me the strength.

So here we are; “where we left off.” Are you still intrigued? Still following the story? I’m SO sorry it’s been over a year since I blogged. I promise to keep up on the story. I want to keep up with this blog for Kaleb, for our family, and for me…. writing is therapeutic and I could use the therapy! Thanks for sticking with us!


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