Monthly Archives: August 2013

Well.. Here we go again!


Almost 20 weeks to the day. The point in my last pregnancy we were told we’d likely lose our sweet Kaleb and I was given a small stitch and placed on strict bed rest. Today I am 19 weeks 6 days with our twin boys. Today I was told my cervix has given way all the way to my stitch. Today I was once again put on strict bed rest.

The difference this time around is I know I can do it. I can brave the fear and uncertainty of the coming weeks and hold tight knowing that God has gone before me and is loving me through this dark valley. We have 28 days until these boys are viable. I am confident my stitch will hold and that my body will stay stable. I will not be overcome by fear and I will lay here as long as I possibly can.

As always your prayers are longed for. We had such an amazing support system that rallied around us with Kaleb and we are relying on you all again. Thank you for all the encouragement so far. We love and appreciate each of you. Truly.

20130813-134136.jpg 19 weeks pregnant with twin boys