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Bedrest, My Old Friend


Nearly a month has passed since we began our strict bedrest journey. Days are once again filled with reading and facebooking, daytime TV and binge watching Netflix, praying and seeking God’s peace. It was crazy to me how easily we fell back into a familiar bedrest routine. Showers are twice a week. All meals are eaten lying down (a real feat!). Lots of water is consumed and therefore lots of waddling to the bathroom. This time around I’m much bigger and doubling in size every few weeks. The extra weight definitely makes things more difficult and I have a lot more aches and pains than I remember having w Kaleb. But all in all, the days are going quickly and by the grace of God are once again uneventful.

Keith is such an amazing support. He is not only waiting on me hand and foot; from bathing to dressing to feeding me most meals, he is also caring for Kaleb and managing to work full time. He’s in full single parent mode and I can tell that it’s wearing him down, but he just keeps pushing forward. He is really the best kind of man, and God has blessed me with such a selfless husband and Kaleb with such a great daddy.

We have had a lot of help from family in taking care of Kaleb too. Keith’s cousin, who just recently graduated college, has been here a couple times a week and is great with K. My mom and Keith’s mom have also been here a lot. My mom is especially helpful with keeping our house clean and laundry done. My sister has also been up a few times to help and Kaleb is certainly loving all of the extra attention. Some days are a lot harder than others though. Three years ago it was just me, my thoughts and I, trudging through bedrest. Now it’s mommy on the couch and I feel helpless to actually *be* mommy when Kaleb needs to be picked up, disciplined, or just understood in a way only mommy can. It’s hard on both of us, but we are surviving and I’m daily witness to my little baby becoming a full fledged kid. His language skills are improving by leeps and bounds, mostly out of a necessity to be understood by everyone who is here helping. He is becoming a lot more independent – he grabs his little stool to get things for himself off counters, he turns on lights and climbs on to the bed or couch to be w me when he just needs some mommy time. He now climbs the stairs completely independent of anyone and often sneaks away when he thinks no one is looking.

The weekends are a great bit of respite from the bustle of all of our house guests during the week. It is so great to reconnect as a family of 3 and have some shared time together. We watch movies and eat meals as a family. Keith and I know these days w just “us” are numbered and we’re just trying to soak each moment up. It’s a possibility that at some point I may once again be on hospital bedrest, so enjoying the time at home w my sweet boys has been a real blessing

So now the countdown to 24 weeks is in the single digits (4 days!) and we are eagerly anticipating the first major milestone – one of many, we pray. On Monday I say goodbye to my 20s, a decade that has brought so much joy and wonderful memories, and I usher in a new decade from the comfort (ish) of my bed. I am beyond grateful to spend my birthday with my sweet family, including the precious dumplings that are bouncing around in my tummy. I can’t think of a greater gift than to still be pregnant and just hours away from 24 weeks. God has truly blessed our little Spilman family and continues to pour out his love on us.

Wednesday will bring another evaluation at the hospital as well as another growth scan of the boys. Please pray with us that everything is still stable, my cerclage is holding, and that our boys are growing and perfect! Thank you all yet again for your continued support and prayers! We love you all.