It’s the final countdown…


Nearly 13 weeks of bedrest down with just a few more to go! How in the world did we make it this far? I find the need to pinch myself daily, though looking down at my HUGE belly is really reality check enough!

Today marks 32 weeks and 3 days with our twin boys. We feel so incredibly fortunate to have come this far and thank God everyday for his protection over them and for keeping my body strong and stable. At our 32 week ultrasound appointment on Wednesday, we learned that both boys are weighing in at over 4 pounds! This was music to my ears. We were also told that at 32 weeks gestation, even if born today, they have matured to the point of avoiding most preemie complications. As we left our ultrasound appointment I couldn’t help cry tears of pure joy. It is truly unbelievable that in a few short weeks we could have babies come home with us from the hospital. This was the ultimate goal, and one I’ve dreamed about since finding out we were pregnant. At my regular OB appointment, my doctor started chatting with us about a course of action for delivery. As in, she is hopeful we will reach the 36 week milestone, and we needed to set up appointments for a cerclage removal! HOLY COW! At 34 weeks she said I should come off total bedrest and start resuming life as usual (not sure how that’s physically possible, but how awesome does that sound!?). Then at 36, my cerclage will be removed and it’s a waiting game at that point. Again, I left in tears at the prospect of this pregnancy actually going to term! I cannot begin to express how relieved, humbled, grateful and just dumbfounded I am. No matter what happens now I feel we’ve made it. We gave 100% for these babies and can see the finish line. I AM SO EXCITED… and it’s starting to hit me — this is happening SOON.

From 20 weeks on, our main goal has just been to “stay pregnant.” Now that the end is drawing near, we are overwhelmed with the fact that we will be bringing TWO babies home. TWO. I am also struggling a bit with the fact that we don’t have much, really anything, prepared to actually bring babies home. With Kaleb, my pregnancy journey came to an abrupt end. We had several months to “nest” and ready ourselves and our home for him. I had honestly thought that would be the case with these babies as well. I am experiencing the overwhelming urge to nest, but there is really nothing I can do! Even if I attempt to be out of bed for brief periods of time, I just can’t physically do the things I’d like. So, as with everything in this pregnancy, we are rolling with the punches! We will get the basics together and then worry about the rest when the time comes. Second and third children don’t have all the niceties the first one had anyway, right? 😉

Soon, bedrest will be a distant memory and I will be so busy I can barely function. As much as I would love to resume a normal life right now, I’m trying to soak in these last days of rest and time with my little family. Kaleb has grown so much in these past few months. I will miss sharing all my days with just my little buddy, but he is going to be the best big brother. I am also trying to really enjoy the time with my husband, while we are both, somewhat, well rested. We remember well what the first months are like with a newborn. It’s hard to fathom it x2! Life will be so very different soon. I am excited and nervous for what lies ahead!

Thank you, as always, to everyone who has offered so much support to us along this journey. I can’t wait to share our birth story with you all and pictures of our beautiful boys! How amazing!!

Amazed to be this far along with our twin boys! 32 weeks and counting!

Amazed to be this far along with our twin boys! 32 weeks and counting!


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